with Host, David Bell

KKFI’s Jaws of Justice Radio investigates how to achieve justice in America, in the areas of economic injustice, political injustice and the criminal justice system. The goal is to put a human face on those caught in the grasp of injustice and those that are part of an unjust system. David Bell, and other podcast hosts, strive to dispel the misconceptions created by the news and entertainment industry, politicians and our educational system.

Finding Common Ground Series Part 2

Tune in for David’s conversation with Rabbi Yitzchak Itkin, Director of Chabad on the Plaza, as they discuss building bridges in our society and in our world.

Finding Common Ground Series Part 1

David speaks with Mahnaz Shabbir, president of Shabbir Advisors, as they discuss her experiences as a Muslim American woman and how those experiences helped her find common ground with others in her life and how she shares that knowledge with others.

Justice Series Part 5

David welcomes Sheila Albers, whose teenage son, John, was killed by a police officer. She shares her perspective on how information is shared, can change the narrative for the public.

Justice Series Part 4

Listen to David Bell’s conversation with Sabrena Morgan, a Dream Fellowship Cohort with Dream.Org, about her experiences helping other post-incarcerated individuals with re-entering the world.

Justice Series Part 3

David’s guest is attorney Madeline Johnson. She works for Missouri Kansas Queer Law which is a civil rights and discrimination law firm dedicated especially to protecting LGBTQ rights.

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI • December 2023

Justice Series Part 2

David speaks with Erica Andrade, President & CEO of El Centro, as they explore what justice means to her and to the community she serves.

Justice Series Part 1

To begin the series, David asks Dion Sankar, the Chief Deputy Prosecutor for the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, to help us understand what “justice” means to him and how he pursues justice for victims, defendants and other stakeholders.

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI • September 2023


Listen now to David Bell’s conversation on the connection between empathy and disability with Amanda Knightly, also known as Misa On Wheels, on KKFI 90.1 FM.

Empathy Series – Part 4

Do Tough is the heart-pumping story of Maria Parker’s unlikely win of the 2013 Race Across America.

What sets Do Tough apart is the way Parker intertwines the themes of hope, resilience, and perseverance with the story of her sister Jenny’s illness and the epic race. The result is a book that is both encouraging and resonant, offering readers a message of hope and a roadmap for dealing with the challenges that life can throw our way.


 Is there a correlation in the healthcare system between empathy and outcome? David Bell talks to Consuelo Ross, President, CEO and Founder of Surviving the Odds, Inc. (http://www.stofoundation.org/) about empowering a minority woman’s breast cancer movement of health, wellness and a ‘take action’ attitude.

Empathy Series – Part 2

David Bell and Retired Kansas City, Missouri Police Officer, Kimberlee Shaw-Ellis discuss common misconceptions between the police department and the community, and in particular the LGBTQ+ community. How can we use empathy to make everyone feel safe?


David Bell talks with Dr Nicole Price about her forthcoming book “Spark the Heart, Engineering Empathy in your Organization.” Empathy, often dismissed as a soft skill, is one of the most undervalued skills at our disposal. Recognizing and understanding why another person believes what they believe and values what they value, even if it is different from our own views and thoughts, is fundamental to the criminal justice system. If you are unable to be empathetic, can you ever be truly effective?

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI • April 2023

David Bell speaks with Author Gene Slater

David Bell speaks with Author Gene Slater as they discuss his book and how the history of redlining illuminates the question fundamental to America. Is freedom inextricable, belonging equally to all Americans — or is it private property belonging to one individually without regard to the rights of others, especially those of other races?

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI • March 2023

A Discussion on the “Redlined” Exhibit

David Bell hosts Andrew R. Gustafson, a historian and curator at the Johnson County Museum, for a discussion on the “Redlined” exhibit. During the conversation, David and Andrew will talk about how our choices today – from where we live; to where we work; to who we socialize with on the weekends – are dictated by the past.

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI • Feb 2023

Identify Systematic Differences Between Deception and Truth – Are We Making Logical Sense?

Host David Bell and Dr. Lori Watson, Prof. Philosophy at Washington University, discuss structures and systems.  Dr. Watson and David will discuss the intersection of sex work and the criminal justice system through a philosopher’s lens. [Link to Transcript]

Universal Healing Away from Traumatic Events

This podcast is the final podcast in our Jaws of Justice Trauma Series featuring David Bell’s discussion with owner of Villalobos Vitality, Alejandra “Alex” Villalobos, on the journey of healing after a traumatic event by rediscovering your true self. 

2022 Podcasts

David Bell speaks with Activist Cordell “CJ” Pulluaim on becoming a true agent of change through tragedy and triumph

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

Host David Bell speaks with Dr. Marina G Villani- Capo, Adolescent Psychologist & Co-Author

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

David Bell speaks with Dr. Amy Griffith for this insightful and thought-provoking discussion about sex offenders.

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

Hosts David Bell and Craig Lubow, with special guest Bob Eye, discuss some of the newsworthy cases of 2021

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

David Bell talks with trauma survivor and victims rights advocate, Kim Case.

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

David Bell Speaks with Laura Mars, of KeyPoint Counseling, about the helping treat sex offenders and their families

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

David Bell & Dr Nicole Price: Can we interact without negative stereotypes?

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

David Bell Interviews Professor Jack Lerner

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

David Bell Interviews Visual Artist Harold Smith

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

David Bell Speaks with Gary Dumas About Helping Others Reach Their Potential

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

David Bell interviews Use of Force Investigator Tony Sanders

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

David Bell Interviews Civil Rights Litigator Arthur Benson

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

Dr.Nicole D. Price Helps us Learn to Heal From Traumatic Retention of Our Dirty Pain

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

David Bell speaks with Komal Kaur, Founder of 'Eye of An Immigrant.'

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

David Bell talks to LaKiesha Cotton, Public Health Project Manager and Instructor in Mental Health First Aid

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

David Bell speaks with New York Times Best Selling Author, Jason Kander, on his new book, Invisible Storm

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

Host David Bell speaks on mindfulness with Erik Hulse, a retired police officer

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

Host David Bell speaks on trauma with Rekha Sharma Crawford, Attorney and Author

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

Host David Bell hosts former Jackson County Missouri Chief Investigator, Kevin Pose, discussing a number of topics including a cold case that he helped broadcast on America’s Most Wanted, the Bocklage case.

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

Hosts Dr. Nicole Price, with Special Guest David Bell, discuss 'The Result of Dangerous Indifference'

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

David Bell Speaks with convicted rapist, Reggie, on his search for redemption

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

David Bell Speaks with Russ Brien on How Criminal Law Pertains to Indigenous People

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

David Bell Interviews Judge Laura Stith

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

David Bell Interviews Kansas City Pastor Darron Edwards

Jaws of Justice Radio • KKFI

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